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Self-Care Rituals for Women

Self-Care Rituals for Women

Hasn’t self-care become a buzzword in recent years? With many people advocating for its importance in maintaining physical and mental health, why do we all keep feeling exhausted, confused, stuck or overwhelmed?

While surface level self-care practices such as bubble baths and face masks are certainly beneficial (and relaxing AF), they often only scratch the surface of what true self-care can offer. At Remind Her, we believe in bridging the gap between surface level self-care and deep self-care rituals that speak to the mind, heart, and soul of women.

We believe that deep self-care rituals are essential for women's physical, mental, and emotional health. That's why we're dedicated to bridging the gap between surface level self-care and deep self-care practices that speak to the mind, heart, and soul of women.

6 Ways to Improve your mental and spiritual well-being!

To help you get started, here are 6 ways you can begin your journey of holistic self-care to help you prioritise your mental and spiritual well-being.

Realign your environment

Hey girl, our surroundings can have a huge impact on how we feel. Make sure your space (car, office, bedroom) is calming, organised, and reflective of your personality and values. It'll boost your mood, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

Cleanse your home

It's time to declutter and deep clean your home, sis. A messy and disorganised space can really mess with your mental health. Keep your space tidy, and you'll feel calmer, more relaxed, and more positive.

Goal: Cleanse one area of your home each day, even an area as small as your TV cabinet or your bedside table will make the biggest difference after a week!

Add affirmations to your space

You're a queen, so let's make sure you know it. Incorporate affirmations and quotes into your favourite spaces like your bedside or office as a daily reminder of the energy you want to harness! Reading and feeling the energy of the words will help boost your self-confidence, mental clarity, reduce negative self-talk, and give you perspective with what you may be facing on that day.

Task: Either write your own affirmations, or find one of our A4 prints that speak to you.

Nourish your body:

Eating whole foods is crucial for your mental and spiritual well-being, like wow, our stomach biome seriously works 24/7 for us! We all know fueling the vessel that gets us through life (our body) will improve energy, but it will also make a huge difference in the way we process and react to stress. So, make sure to prioritise nourishing your body with a variety of vibrant healthy foods.

Goal: Add 4 veggies and 4 fruits that you don’t usually get to your shopping list this week.

Set healthy boundaries: 

Boundaries are key, girl. The saying ‘you can't pour from an empty cup’, well I think women give it a run for it’s money… but let’s not push ourselves unnecessarily! Being aware of where your energy is going is the first step, what is your responsibility and what isn’t. Are you doing things to please others? Say no when you need to, and don't let others take advantage of your kindness. It'll help you feel more in control and reduce stress if you begin communicating healthy boundaries.

Action: Write a list of where you feel your energy is going right now. Seeing the list written, you will know intuitively what needs to be reduced.

Practice mindfulness and meditation: 

Mindfulness and meditation are amazing ways to prioritise your mental and spiritual health, but these two M words can seem a little whoo whoo. Secret, I (Loren) have never successfully turned my mind off to ‘meditate’ before, though I’d like to say I have. So let’s talk about the other M word, mindfulness. Being mindful is increasing your awareness of self and others to a level of understanding, appreciation and inner peace. Accepting that you and others have our own story and way of knowing the world, can help you either understand or let go depending on the situation, allowing you to move through life feeling more light and less bogged down with overthinking and concern.

Goal: You don't have to set aside special time for mindfulness. You can practice mindfulness during everyday activities, such as taking a mindful walk, doing a body scan while brushing your teeth, or practicing deep breathing while waiting in line.

Remember, taking care of yourself is a priority. Try to incorporate these practices into your daily life, and you'll feel more fulfilled, happier, and healthier.


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