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From Bump to Baby: 5 Reassuring Messages for New Mothers

From Bump to Baby: 5 Reassuring Messages for New Mothers

Congratulations on becoming a new or expecting mother - to get to this point is a beautiful and powerful achievement in itself!

In this post, co-founder and mother of two Loren Recchi, shares her 5 most potent messages of guidance for the motherhood season!

From Loren:

I have always loved learning from other women through their stories and experiences - I feel deeply connected to them all and truly am intrigued with how unique they all are!

After being evolving into a mother almost 4 years ago, here are my personal pieces of guidance and messages that I remind myself of on my hardest days:

1. Your motherhood journey will be unique to you!

Motherhood looks different to everyone, so if we begin from a place of understanding that we all have our own merit of success, and our own pressures and obligations, I think we would be a lot kinder to ourselves and each other. 

2. Little blessings are important to notice

With so much new with each journey into motherhood, it can be a lot. As we grapple with the uncertainty and the beautiful miracle that will soon enter this world, it is important to notice the little blessings. Feel them, be present and hold a grateful heart for them. This will keep a deeper perspective and will help you to persist with gratitude through the tougher times.

3. Just because something happened to someone else, doesn’t mean it will happen to you

Others will try to help, but there may be lots of fear others will share with you… It’s important to learn lessons and get guidance but sometimes a list full of what went upside down for others isn’t good preparation. Tune in and out of what feels right.

*I like to listen to my gut here, and to exhale and release what doesn’t feel helpful for me to hold on to.

4. The only thing the baby needs is you, and the only thing you need is the baby.

It took until this pregnancy for me to really look into the postpartum healing benefits for the mother that the child provides. Not only do the long cuddles, the skin to skin and the newborn smells make your heart happy, they are also helping to ease and realign your hormones. Postpartum we go through the biggest hormone drop as a human, so soak up the cuddles and surrender to the waves knowing that extra kisses means extra healing.

5. Asking for support means you are a good mother, not a failing one.

It takes real strength to know when you need a hand and to reach out. By getting support, you're doing what's best for you and your kids, showing just how much you care. Remember, taking care of yourself is a big part of taking care of your family.

Remember, each motherhood experience is different, so always listen to yourself first before taking the advice of others - your intuition always knows best!

I hope you love these messages!

Love and light,

Loren x


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